L.S.R.C.C. TRACK RULES 1) Sign up ASAP. This allows sufficient time for the race director to enter your name into the computer.
2) Every driver must corner marshal after his/her race, so you must return to the track immediately (absolutely no repairs are allowed at this time). A qualified substitute will be allowed so long as no complaints arise due to the substitution.
3) It is every driver’s responsibility to stay till the end of racing to assist in marshalling and with track clean up. We must all do our part to keep our track clean (we are on borrowed land, and the owners will not tolerate a messy site)
4) Drivers must remain on the drivers stand till the end of their race (nitro drivers are exempt due to flame-outs)
5) Drivers are not allowed to marshal their own cars during the race. Doing so will risk disqualification.
6) Corner marshals are not allowed to work on cars or leave their corner to deliver a car to a pit person for repairs.
7) Corner marshals must pay attention to their assigned corners to ensure a prompt return of vehicles to their proper location on the track.
8) ALL drivers must be willing to help out in what ever way is deemed necessary to keep the race program moving forward, and in an timely fashion.
9) Verbal abuse of corner marshals will NOT be tolerated! Repeated offense to this rule will risk disqualification from the race in question
10) No foul language is allowed. Doing so will result in being asked to leave (this is a family sport and that type of language is not necessary).
11) Frequency conflicts. Lower qualifier is responsible to change to an open frequency.
12) Driver may choose their position on the drivers stand for the mains based on their qualifying position.
13) All radios must remain off during racing. A frequency clip MUST be clipped to the transmitter prior to switching the transmitter on at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
14) If an inadvertent cutting of a lap occurs, the driver must wait to resume the same position held prior to the infraction. Other wise, a 10 second penalty for a qualifier or a 1-lap penalty for a main will be applied.
15) Alcohol is prohibited during racing.

Courtesy of Wheel Brokers Raceway


The Turn Marshal (AKA Corner Marshal) is someone who aids drivers when their cars flip over, stall, or get stuck. The Turn
Marshal will quickly get an RC car back on the track and out of the way of oncoming traffic. A Turn Marshal is typically
positioned at all turns or corners and areas where vehicles commonly have trouble negotiating the track.

NOTE: Marshaling requires twisting, crouching, avoiding obstacles and the use of two hands while being quick on your feet. If
you have a physical disadvantage that may cause you to be injured while marshaling – or that may prevent you from
marshaling optimally – you should not marshal – period! Bring a buddy or find a volunteer at the track to marshal for you –
or let track personnel know upon race registration and we will recruit a volunteer for you.


Do not stand in a driver’s line of sight or block the view of a portion of the track.

Watch your section of the track at all times. Pay attention. Do not watch the race.

Do not hesitate to assist neighboring marshals near you when needed.

Keep both hands free and available. Do not eat, drink or smoke while marshaling.

Marshal a vehicle so that it points in the proper direction on the track when released.

Marshal a vehicle back onto the track at the point where it crashed.

Do not place marshaled vehicles in front of oncoming traffic. Likewise, when marshaling, do not cross or step in front of
oncoming traffic. Your safety and the preservation of racers who haven’t crashed take priority.

When marshaling more than one vehicle, try to marshal the vehicle that was leading first.

If you see which vehicle caused another to crash, marshal the innocent vehicle first.

When vehicles are tangled or locked together, use the two-handed technique, marshaling one in each hand and releasing
them simultaneously at the point where they crashed.

If a vehicle stops running or breaks, place it out of the way, off the track. It is not your responsibility to fix it, bring it to the
sidelines or take it to someone for repairs. You must continue marshaling your section at full attention.

SET a vehicle back on the track. Do not throw, kick or otherwise risk damage to other peoples’ vehicles.

Do not leap or jump into the air. You must be quick – but be safe so as not to hurt yourself or vehicles in the area.

For your own protection, do not marshal a vehicle if the driver is holding the throttle. Throw your hands in the air and look up
at the Drivers Stand to indicate you won’t marshal the vehicle until the wheels stop moving. DRIVERS: If you want to be
marshaled, let go of the throttle.

It is helpful to marshal the same section every time when possible as you will become familiar with obstacles and common
crash zones.

If you notice a less experienced marshal struggling with a busy section of the track, offer to trade positions with them.

It is important to be quick and fair. Marshal like YOU want to be marshaled.